Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mr Spock, James T Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura

Captain James T Kirk, Mr. Spock and Lieutenant Uhura  were made for the Acces_SIM-orize: Into the Future challenge @ TS3CC.

All Sims contain the third party skin : Sweet Face Skin V0.7 by NikaV.+.Sims and Tifa Sims EyesN62_CL

Lieutenant Uhura seems to be the only sim that has safely been beamed through the net and to my studio. Mr Spock and "The Captain" seemed to have lost all their particles in the web. Hurmph!  I will try to get the men uploaded in the next day or so.

Hooray! The boys have finally been beamed to the exchange, although I couldn't add their snazzy pictures. Anyway, the download links are below their pictures.

Lt. Uhura's EA Store Content
Missy O
Jackie Open-Back Dress
Female Wet Suit

Captain James T Kirk Content
Riddles Waves Hair
Silk Four Button Jacket
Traditional Chiridars

Mr Spock Store Content
Sherwani Dress Outfit
Traditional Chiridars

Mr Spock's "Live long and prosper" pose by me (not uploaded)
Lieutenant Uhura's  receiving a message from Star Fleet pose by me (not uploaded)
Lieutenant Uhura's stand at attention pose Girly Poses set by May
All other posesby K2 @ Studio K2

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