Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jack and Jill Challenge: Not your child's nursery rhyme

My Entry.

Jack and Jill Challenge created by EuphorialQueen @ The Sims Creators' Consortium:

The haunting refrain of a familiar nursery rhyme floats thru the damp fog.  Barely visible in the half light are two figures. A boy stands staring off at nothing while a girl sits nearby on the ground.  She is clutching a doll to her chest and singing softly in barely audible tones.  The boy hums the same tune pausing now and again as if to listen.   But what is he listening for and why are they here? The words to the tune become more audible  ... 'Ring around the roses ... Pockets full of Matches ... Ashes Ashes the house burns down!'

Create Jack and Jill to fit the story above.
=>Any age or relationship. 
Post 'live' in-game pictures of them. 
Create a Scene to illustrate the story. The story above is a baseline. You may add to the story to fit your vision of the pair. 

Please come and join in the fun!

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